Extra Ordinary Safety Measures

Extra Ordinary Safety Measures

Our aim: “At any cost, by anyone, of anyhow, at anywhere, no compromise with regards to safety”
When it comes to shifting/transportation, these are the small things that make a big difference. Our extensive experience in this field, coupled with the determination to continuously improve our service, has helped us to devise new ways to address your needs.
Packing the household items is a kind of art and needs to be performed with extra care and by adopting necessary safety measures. Being in this industry from almost three decades, doing various experiments and earning enough experience, we continuously make efforts to improvise our services to attain extreme customer satisfaction.
The goods are equally valuable to us as to the customers. Therefore, we pay high attention towards the safety and security of the consignment.

Homecare International Packers And Movers. adopt additional safety measures while moving that has made the ratio of our repetitive customers go high.

Special LED/LCD Box for Special Care

We make use of specialized and well-designed LCD/LED box. Being rugged from outside, these boxes protect the LCD/LED from the outer harms and damages and having a thick layer of foam inside, that offers cushiony effect to your delicate LCD/LED screens without harming it, especially when they are being transported from one place to another.

Highly Durable Closed Containers

In order to protect the consignment from outside weather and dust, we make use of the closed containers. Our closed containers are highly durable, safe and protective. Still, if any kind of need appears for extra protection, we make use of Tarpaulin Sheets.

Carpet Flooring to Avoid Damage from Jerks and Jumps

Carpet flooring is one of the latest technique we have evolved for the safety of customer's goods. We have spread the sponge carpet, which is highly shock-absorbent over the floor of vehicles for protecting the goods from getting damaged because of the jerks and hard flooring of vehicles.

Plant Carrier for Safety of Well Nurtured Plants

For relocation of plants, specialized plant carriers are designed keeping ventilation, air, and sun contact in to consideration. You can instruct the driver for timely watering of the plants.

Local Car Pick Up Carriers

It is an added advantage of excellence of Homecare International Packers And Movers. We load your vehicle at your place onto an open trailer where it will stay till it arrives at Hub/Ramp point. This ensures the safety and protection of the vehicle from city traffic or road hazards.

Proper Labeling for Smooth Unloading

Item of religious significance are packed separately, stuck with the label depicting symbols of various faiths and placed on top of the loads so that no one inadvertently steps on them.

Universal base for safe packing of almirah

While packing almirah, it has been noticed that the base of almirah usually remains unprotected during packing and thus gets damaged because of loading and unloading throughout the relocation process. In context to safeguard the base of almirah during relocation, we place cushions under the almirah as a universal base, so that gap between the base of almirah and foot of almirah gets filled and no load or pressure will be put on the base of almirah during relocation. This way of packing ensures safe and damage free packing and shifting of almirah.

Safety Locks for Care

For the satisfaction of customer, we put safety locks on their belongings’ area door and cube in front of customer and handover keys to them. This helps the customers in having assurance with regards to safety of their goods.

Wooden Crate Packing

We use wooden crate packing specifically for the delicate items and support demanding items such as washing machines, refrigerators and marble/porcelain statues on demand in order to ensure the proper safety of these items during transportation.

Protective Glass Pipes

We use glass pipes to protect the significant cuts and edge of your precious articles, made of glass, particularly your glass tables, etc. Our packaging methods are thorough and painstaking, and that’s why we incorporate Glass Pipes into our processes to elaborate this fact. These pipes come in varying sizes and are hemispherical. These pipes are strong enough to tolerate and subdue shock impulses and, therefore, save the beauty of the glass structures, leaving you content at the end of the move.

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